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Mental exercise for dogs in bad weather

Enrichment toys, dog Sudoku and lick mats

Bad weather can leave dogs stuck indoors and build up energy. Enrichment toys, dog Sudoku, and lick mats are excellent choices to keep your furry friend mentally and physically busy even on rainy or snowy days. In this article you will learn how to keep your dog busy in bad weather.

1. Enrichment Toys:

Enrichment toys are specially designed dog toys that aim to challenge your dog's mind while providing him with a reward. A popular enrichment toy is the Kong. Fill it with treats or wet food and let your dog use his skills to get the reward. You can also use interactive puzzle toys that allow your dog to move sliders, open flaps, and explore hiding places.

2. Dog Sudoku:

Dog Sudoku is a clever way to stimulate your dog's mind. You can create a simple dog Sudoku by hiding treats in egg cartons. Cut the egg cartons into individual cubes and place a treat in each cube. Your dog now has to move and open the cubes to get the reward. This requires concentration and mental work to find the right order.

3. Leak mats:

Lick mats are great tools to keep your dog occupied in bad weather. These mats are filled with food or treats and require patience and persistence to lick out the rewards. You can use different lick mat recipes as described in our previous blog article. Not only do these mats provide mental stimulation, but they can also reduce stress and help your dog calm down.

Remember that mental exercise is just as important as physical activity for dogs. When the weather outside isn't cooperating, enrichment toys, dog Sudoku, and lick mats are great ways to give your dog a mental challenge while strengthening a close bond. Invest in these indoor activity options to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy even on rainy days.

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